From the announcements

posted May 18, 2017, 7:47 AM by Kate Phipps

Senior Announcements:

This is officially the last time you have to hear this announcement: "Please get your kindergarten photos and senior ad info into the Central Stampede by the end of the school day Friday." Thanks... and peace out!

It is that time of year when all books need to be turned in for Seniors and all fines need to be resolved by tomorrow.  Don't know if you have a fine? Just check with the nice ladies in the library.

Seniors, as the end of your high school career, comes to an end please take the time to clear out your Google drive and change the email address for any online subscriptions, from your Portage email to personal email. Within 6 months of graduation, you will lose access to your Google drive and Portage email.

Seniors tomorrow is Commitment Day. Show off your future colors or plans after high school by wearing a shirt that represents what you'll be doing next year.